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Our Mission

Inspired Foresight is a  social enterprise focused on connecting resources to needs, using outcomes measurement, predictive analytics, and market research as tools for strategic planning. Understanding your stakeholders' needs and perspectives is critical to moving your organization forward. Your unique response to your market's needs will differentiate your offering. We all have our own unique talents, gifts and resources. Matching them with the needs of others' stimulates quality of life for the giver and the receiver.


Inspired Foresight offers extensive and varied services to both for-profit businesses and non-profit organizations. Traditional corporations are most often interested in market research and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategies and programs, whereas non-profits and social entrepreneurs often need help with market research among those they serve, and strategic planning.


Value Co-creation is the underlying strategy in all our work. This means we work to ensure that all stakeholders have input into the economic exchange. Stakeholders include consumers, beneficiaries, employees, board members, shareholders, collaborators, suppliers, neighbors, etc. Anyone who has an interest in the well-being of the organization needs to have an opportunity for input - this is what makes the organization thrive.



As individuals, every one of us has God-given resources as well as unique needs. It is fairly simple to recognize and mobilize financial resources and needs, but more complicated to understand how to economically exchange highly valued intellectual and spiritual resources, which have much deeper impact and are far more sustainable. And this is precisely where Inspired Foresight fits.


Inspired Foresight was founded by Tina M. Facca-Miess, Ph.D an Associate Professor of Marketing at John Carroll University in the Boler School of Business. Her areas of research interest include applied statistics, marketing education, social innovation research, and social entrepreneurship. Her industry experience includes executive marketing positions with multinational franchised firms in varied industries including foodservice, hospitality and executive recruiting.


Dr. Facca-Miess established her marketing and research consultancy, The Inspired Foresight Group, LCC in 1987 and remains active in the business community taking on complex statistical analyses that facilitate her research and publishing agenda. She has authored “Classification and Analysis of Management and Marketing Data: Statistical Applications for Strategic Planning” and multiple academic journal publications. Dr. Facca-Miess earned her Ph.D. in Economics at Göttingen University, Germany. She holds a Master of Science in Statistics from Case Western Reserve University as well as a Master of Applied Communication Theory and Methodology, and a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Cleveland State University.

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