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The Inspired Foresight Community

The The Foresight Group, was the beginning of the Inspired Foresight community. Connecting marketing strategies was Dr. Facca-Miess solution to solve corporate needs. That thought process evolved into connecting resources to assist people in need, hence Inspired Foresight. Today the community has become  a global network of inspired people who continue to connect resources to needs.

For Profit Companies


Non Profit Organizations

The Inspired Foresigt Group, LLC was founded in 1987 as a marketing research company by Dr. Tina Facca-Miess.

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Inspired Foresight will continue to help non profit organizations find solutions. Whether it is networking, collaborating on a project, reorganizing their infrastructure, fundraising or rebuilding their business model, we are dedicated to moving them forward.

Education Destination

Inspired Foresight interacts withs with volunteers globally every year. Many of our volunteers are High School students and a large majority of them are graduate or undergraduate students. We are so grateful for all of our student volunteers.


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Community connection

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