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The Inspired

Foresight Community

The Foresight Group, was the beginning of the Inspired Foresight community. Connecting marketing strategies was Dr. Facca-Miess solution to solve corporate needs. That thought process evolved into connecting resources to assist people in need, hence Inspired Foresight. Today the community has become  a global network of inspired people who continue to connect resources to needs.


Board of Directors

The Inspired Foresight Board of Directors includes business leaders, lay leadership, students and faith based professionals, all of whom are focused on bringing innovative variations on connecting those in need to valuable resources.


Strategic Value

Co-Creation Services

Inspired Foresight services uses the framework of value co-creation with stakeholders to ensure that our strategic recommendations are sustainable from the perspectives of social, economic and environmental sustainability. Every move we make considers the Triple Bottom Line: People, Profit, Planet using the Triple Threat of Mind, Body and Soul. We use the Integrative Justice Model (IJM) as our ethical framework to ensure fair treatment and market exchange, particularly when our decisions affect and involve the impoverished or marginalized.

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