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Strategic Value Co-Creation Services

Inspired Foresight services uses the framework of value co-creation with stakeholders to ensure that our strategic recommendations are sustainable from the perspectives of social, economic and environmental sustainability. Every move we make considers the Triple Bottom Line: People, Profit, Planet using the Triple Threat of Mind, Body and Soul. We use the Integrative Justice Model (IJM) as our ethical framework to ensure fair treatment and market exchange, particularly when our decisions affect and involve the impoverished or marginalized.

Market Research & Analysis

Market research is more available and affordable than ever since web-enabled data collection. Stakeholders, including consumers, employees, suppliers, board members, managers, or beneficiaries can co-create value with your organization by offering input on how your decisions affect their perceptions of value, or the benefits derived from their relationship with you.


Implementation is straightforward. We work with you to understand the context and your overarching questions. Together we agree on research objectives, then we design the web-enabled survey tool, and can help with dissemination as needed. Our analysis culminates  in clear strategic recommendations for growth and development, based on your stakeholders' feedback.

Sustainable Marketing

Sustainable marketing means marketing in a manner that considers social, economic and environmental effects of our marketing decisions, and it also means marketing the concepts of sustainability as they affect organizational change.


Our work in Social Entrepreneurship Marketing (SEM) offers innovative approaches to solving social problems and measuring outcomes and impact. Grantors and donors need to be connected to end-users or beneficiaries of their generosity. Those served by your organization need opportunities to authentically express their gratitude. Sustainable marketing strategies underly today's thriving organizations.


Service-Dominant Logic (S-D logic) is the new logic of marketing. No longer is marketing product oriented, but rather service oriented, where every product performs a service. S-D logic translates into more hands-on engagement with your brand from product development to live entertainment. Brand associations, co-branding strategies, and collaborative online environments, often manifest their highest output when people gather to collectively share visions, aspirations, and justice concerns.


Inspired Foresight offers full production planning and management services for conferences, festivals, and fundraising events. 

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